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G R E G G   M A S U A K

W r i t e r / D i r e c t o r / C E O

Director, Writer, Producer and Author Gregg Masuak’s international career has spanned over 30 years and is as eclectic as the man himself. His multi-platformed experience leaps the usual barriers between music videos, commercials, film, television and stage and as such, Masuak has worked with almost every major label on this planet for iconic music makers such as Kylie, Spice Girls, Take That, Joe Cocker and Celine Dion; with top agencies creating high-end commercials for brands as wildly different from one another as Barclays Bank, Olay, Aids Alliance and Levi’s.  


His reputation for getting great performances from actors and non-actors alike has found him directing stars like Penelope Cruz and Courteney Cox along the way and most recently his screenplay-turned stage play Flycatcher won rave reviews during its stint at the prestigious Hope Theatre in London. To quote one of them: "In trying to encapsulate what Gregg Masuak's Flycatcher is like, I've been thinking along the lines of 'Charlie Kaufman meets Terry Gilliam', or 'The Fast Show meets David Lynch'"


Dedicated to “entertainment with smarts”, Masuak’s unique blend of comedy and dramatic storytelling forms the heart of  Giant Hero Entertainment.






R U B I N   M E N D O Z A

E x e c u t i v e   P r o d u c e r 

Industry Veteran Rubin Mendoza is a multi-award winning Producer, with hundreds of National Commercials and some of the most iconic music videos of the past twenty years, under his belt. He produced the Jim Carey cult comedy feature High Strung and was a Founding Partner/Executive Producer at commercial and music video production house, RAW Entertainment.


Known for his hands-on understanding all aspects of the creative process as well as for being highly adept at leading and motivating any creative team to a successful outcome, Episodic TV is now Rubin’s passion.


He and Gregg have worked on many media projects throughout the years and together they form a formidable and passionately creative team that know how to deliver.






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