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Graphic Novel

Video Game


STATUS:  In Development

                Completed screenplay



High Adventure meets Horror and adds a Hitchcockian sense of dark comedy - to create a hybrid for audiences thirsty for more than just blood.  


PUNCTURED takes the popular vampire myth and refreshingly pulls it right apart - creating a smart, fun, very different and very timely adventure-thriller that deals with such complex themes as Politics, Global Warming, the Metaphysical link between us humans here on earth and the Universe – oh yeah, and Love.  


SYNOPSIS:  Our story begins with a punctured tire, a punctured heart, and a seriously punctured corpse.  When Rody - a loser with no apparent future - is ditched by his girlfriend Rose, he finds himself the job of assisting a charismatic researcher, and is subsequently swept into the epicenter of a series of murders - becoming, suddenly, an unwitting suspect, on the run.   


Things heat up even more as Rody discovers that Rose is in trouble and in order to find her has to navigate his way from country to country, evading the law and dodging a group of deadly pursuers.   With half the world out to get him, Rody finds Rose in Istanbul hiding within a sub-culture that appears on the surface to be that of your conventional vampire - but which in fact is revealed to be a group of not-quite immortals whose job it is to keep the balance between human and Universal DNA.  


Thrown into this unexpected world, set against the backdrop of a growing political storm and an unfolding set of global disasters somehow holding the key to it all, Rody unwittingly becomes an unexpected hero, fighting to save his life, his love - and the very shape of Universe itself. 

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