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STATUS:  In Development




The conventional whodunit gets blown apart in this quirky comedy - when the discovery of an unidentified corpse spirals four losers into examining themselves and the repercussion of their lives on one sweltering hot day.


A modern-day nod in the direction of such situation classics as His Girl Friday,  beneath the comedy of errors, JAMMED IN ZERO is a not only a poignant look at the drama of life and a timely comment about belief systems collapsing in a jaded, overwhelming world - it's about the effect of the choices that we make on reality and time itself.


SYNOPSIS:  One awful, traumatic moment has sent BRITE, once a successful photojournalist, off the rails.  Now a recluse, Brite spends his days trapped in obsessive-compulsive behavior,  trying to keep the horrors of the world at bay - and the repercussions of his actions from finding him.


Unfortunately for Brite, there now happens to be a dead man lying on his kitchen floor.


And suddenly it seems everyone has decided to pay him a visit.  


His old college pal, BOSTON is a scammer and a loser, feeding off of other's misfortunes and going nowhere fast.  Both him and DAMON , a hack journalist with his future on the line and a secret that's about to make headline news, once formed a formidable trio but have long since drifted apart.  But now both Boston, suddenly homeless and looking for a hand-out, and Damon, running from an unexpected career disaster, end up on Brite's doorstep,  while VENUS DE MILLE, a failed actress with her focus on self-destruct, accidentally stumbles in through the window - and the fun begins.


As the heat of the day grows, none of them seems to be able to escape - or want to escape - the apartment, and a monumental clash between these four very different characters erupts while the main drama sits on the sidelines.  Unknown to the foursome, the world outside has caught wind of something going on inside Brite's apartment, something of growing international and politically sensitive importance.  While Brite, Boston, Damon and Venus continue to provoke and rage at one another, outside their window a potential siege is  building in the streets below and a media frenzy is erupting around an event whose escalating speculation can only be revealed by the one man who can't remember what happened, but soon will:  Brite.  


Four screw-ups with nowhere to go and nothing else to lose are finally forced to look at themselves truthfully for the first time, and when their ultimate secrets are finally revealed, discover that life, fate, and other disasters can lead to a sense of connection – where and how you least expected it. 

This one-minute cut down of the original five-minute teaser was designed to show the attitude and style of the film.  The actors within it are not attached as cast.  

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